Laser cutting machine

1.Cooling system should be grounded, often clean the tank and water route, the temperature control point should be fair in cooling temperature water tank, otherwise the laser tube easily damaged and cause condensation power is reduced, cold water head of the tube fall off , shortened life expectancy, and sometimes does not work, resulting in constantly changing tube.

The laser tube of Laser cutting machine mounting fulcrum must be reasonable, the fulcrum should be 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube, or cause spot mode deterioration for laser tube, some work for some time the spot change into several points, resulting in decreased laser power can not meet the requirements , resulting in continuous change tube.

Water protection should always check the cleaning, cooling water is often not burst water protection float switch or water protection float switch float switch is not reset, you can not solve the burning problem by short-circuited.

Suction device should regularly check the clean-up, clean the fan duct. Otherwise, a lot of smoke dust can not exhaust out, it will quickly pollute lenses and laser tube, so that all mechanical and electronic components oxidized easily and caused by poor contact.


5.{C}.Checking focus lens and mirror, the lens frame is hot after working for a while, the lens surface discoloration and rust,stripping and cracking are belong to the object to be replaced, especially a lot of customers use large air pump and air compressor, the focus lens will have water quickly, so you must be check the cleanliness and quality of focus lens optical system on time.

The working environment can not be too bad for laser cutting machine , if the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees and lower than 18 degrees, too much dust, air pollution is severe, it will damage to the machine, the failure rate is rising;  all electrical accessories are easy to have problem in wet environments.

7.Electric power will be matched.

8.Laser tube operating current to be suitable, it can not work long-term in light intensity 90-100; you need to rationalize the application of laser and save laser energy ; cleaning accurate optical system , otherwise cause the laser tube premature aging and cracking , so when laser machine is working, the light intensity should be adjusted at 50-60%, then adjust the work speed depending on the material , this is the best working state for laser tube.