how to cut thick glass


Cut Thick Glass Using the Snap Method cnc glass cutting machine
Put on the safety goggles and the heavy gloves for protection.
Measure and mark a straight line on the thick glass where you want to cut it. A grease pencil works well for marking glass.
Place some light oil or kerosene on an old cloth. Run the glass cutter slowly across the cloth so the wheel picks up a coating of the oil.
Hold the glass cutter firmly between your thumb and finger. Apply a slight pressure as you score the thick glass carefully along the line using the glass cutter.
Place the thick piece of glass on a table or work bench that has a straight, hard edge. Align the scored line up with the hard edge. Push down quickly to break the glass.
Cut Thick Glass Using a cnc glass cutting machine
Familiarize yourself with the wet saw, and follow the instructions in the owner's manual before you use it. This machine is an electric saw built into a table. It uses a diamond blade to cut material like ceramic tiles and glass. Water sprays onto the blade as the wet saw cuts to keep the blade cool.
Adjust the rip fence on the saw so the blade lines up with the mark you made on the thick glass.
Hold the glass firmly as you use the wet saw to cut thick glass. Push it slowly against the blade with both hands, but don't force it.
Cut the thick glass all the way through, then turn the wet saw off.