How to lubricate glass cutting machine


How to lubricate glass cutting machine
Purchase a pencil grip or pistol grip "oil-filled" glass cutter. This type of glass cutter has a reservoir that holds the oil.
Unscrew the brass cap at the end of the glass cutter. Fill the reservoir approximately 1/3 full with kerosene, lamp oil, sewing machine oil or special glass cutter oil found at a stained glass store. Replace the brass cap.
Regulate the flow of the oil from the reservoir to the cutter by tightening and loosening the cap. The tighter the cap, the less the oil will flow to the cutter. Each cutter flows differently, so adjust until there is a fine coat of oil along the score line when using the cutter. Tighten the cap when the cutter is not being used.
Dry Glass Cutter
Empty a covered container, such as a pickle jar or coffee can, that the glass cutter will fit in to. Place cotton balls or a piece of cloth to fill the bottom of the container.
Pour a small amount of oil into the bottom of the container until the cotton or cloth is saturated.
Place a "dry" glass cutter, one that does not have a reservoir, into the container so the wheel is sitting on top of the cotton or cloth. According to Cradle of the Sun, "A 'dry' cutter should be dipped after every score." Keep the glass cutter in the sealed container when not use.