How to laser engrave Jewelry


Decide on the pattern or design that you wish to be engraved onto the piece of jewelry. The design must be done in a format read by the laser engraving machine. Computer Aided Design programs such as AutoCAD are suitable for this. Save the file as DXF compatible with AutoCAD version 2004 or earlier.
Place the item of jewelry in the laser engraving machine. For most machine types, the item will be secured with the use of clamps. Ensure all security devices are in place prior to starting engraving.
Set up the laser engraving machine with the chosen file. Ensure the machine is configured to start engraving in the specified location. Also ensure the appropriate size and material type is chosen in the technical set up of the laser engraving machine. Typically, rings are made out of materials such as gold, titanium, platinum or silver; however other less common material engraving settings can be found.
Start the engraving process. Observe to ensure appropriate size and depth of cuts are being made. Typically, lettering is required to be engraved. Appropriate sizes must be chosen to ensure the engraving is not too big for the item. If the depth of the etching is too great in relation to the depth of the ring, it will structurally weaken the item, which could lead to it cracking. Ensure all material being dislodged is being removed by the extraction device. Material remains could interfere with the accuracy of the laser, reducing the quality of the engraving.