the best key code cutting machine


The Best Key Code Cutting Machines



Car keys can be copied using a simple code

Cutting to code is a relatively new key-cutting method that does not rely on creating a copy of an existing key. Copying existing keys can be tricky if the original key is damaged. Modern key-cutting machines come equipped with software that can cut a new key using an existing key's code or even a photo of the existing key. Most of the keys that have codes are car keys. The code is normally located in the driver's manual or on the original tag that came with the keys. The following is a selection of the best key-code cutting machines on the market:

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Chaka Bay Cylinder and Laser Key Cutting Machine

This portable key-cutting machine cuts keys to code by entering the code or cuts. Manufactured at a fraction of the size of most key-cutting machines, it is ideal if space is a problem. The machine's portability also makes it extremely useful for servicing mobile clients.


BD Laser Cut to Code and Duplicator for Laser Keys

This top-of-the-range machine laser cuts precision-quailty keys. The machine includes a PC program that cuts to code and reads existing keys. The program also keeps a record of all keys cut. It is compact and suitable for mobile workshops.



Silca Unocode

At the top of the market, pricewise, is this cut to-code-cylinder key machine. It is reliable and can be used for single and double-sided cylinder keys.



This is the least expensive of the key-code cutting machines, it is small and portable and can be used to for both cylinder and mortice keys.