Laser cutting tools

Laser cutting tools

Metal Laser Cutter


A popular use of laser-cutting technology is for cutting metal. A typical machine today can pierce through a thick layer of metal sheeting in less than a second. Metal cutting is often used to perfect the production of everyday items, from cars to televisions to refrigerators.

Plastic and Glass Laser Cutter


Lasers can also penetrate layers of plastic and glass with ease. This is seen predominantly in production companies manufacturing such things as plastic bottles, glassware and other items commonly found in the house.




3-D Laser Engraving


You've probably seen a piece of metal, glass or plastic in which artwork is not in the same plane as the base. This is possible through laser engravers. Laser engraving is a very delicate process, as a laser machine must slice through layers of metal, glass or plastic with precision and accuracy. One mishap and the entire work is ruined.

Laser Etching


Laser technology can also be used to etch granite, marble and other flooring materials. Many contractors utilize this technology to draw designs on floors and counter tops for new homes.