laser cutter safety rule


Laser Cutter Safety Rules
TechShop, a California-based materials and equipment shop, informs its `members that general safety guidelines should be used when dealing with laser cutting machinery.
First and foremost, you must be trained to use the laser cutting equipment before using. Training usually consists of walking through the machinery and CAD software with a trained technician. Take classes and tutorials at local colleges and universities, as well as tech shops.
Wear protective eyewear to make sure that material and debris does not get into your eyes, as well as protect your eyes from the extremely bright light. Ensure that exposed areas of your body are covered as well, including your feet. Wear closed shoes at all times when working with equipment.
As a general note as well, do not leave running machinery unattended at any time and be careful when communicating with a person who is operating laser-cutting equipment. In most cases, refrain from distracting with this person until he is done and the machine is off or on standby.
Laser-Cutting Equipment Safety
The laser in the machinery is extremely hot and can cause fires if not used correctly. Lingering flames on the material being cut can be a concern. Larger flames could be caused by having the laser power on too high or the speed set too low. Adjust these settings to help control any flames during the lasing.
If a fire is still present after you turn off the machine, open the lid to attempt to put out the flame. Try mto blow it out, or use a fire blanket to smother it. It the flame becomes large and cannot be controlled, take immediate action by calling 911 and contacting the facility management and evacuating everyone as soon as possible. Once evacuated (or during evacuation) call the fire department to help control the flame.
Focus on the task at hand, and do not leave the machine running when you are not present. If someone does enter the room and you feel you may be distracted, stop using the laser cutter as once, until you can become focused on the task at hand again.
Make sure the target surface is horizontal and not on a slant. If this is the case the laser light may reflect out. If the laser does reflect out, it can potentially cause harm to individuals and equipment around you.