How to Maintenance Engraving Machine In The Cold Season ?

How to Maintenance Engraving Machine In The Cold Season ?

With the change of seasons,Engraving machine, like people, needs specific maintenance!

We all know that the engraving machinery and equipment maintenance is extremely important,This kind has a direct impact on the life of the equipment.In addition, according to the consideration of use environment,The considerations are also very important in the maintenance and use of the season of the engraving machine. Now under winter maintenance we have made the following recommendations:

The first is the temperature,Although the temperature is not particularly large impact engraving machine,However, because many customers will screw with butter,Winter will certainly forget to clean,Each boot will not open.Such as the northern winter is very cold,The temperature of the studio will be very low,Although the machine oils,it still does not sport.At this time, we have to guarantee that the temperature in the workplace, and to achieve the lowest fuel standard temperature.

The second is the cooling water,due to cooling water needs to be changed every day to avoid exceeding a predetermined temperature in the summer, A lot of clients will ignore it In the cold winter,They think water temperature not increase much in cold weather.So many customers tend to forget to change the water,Especially during the winter,Spindle motor heating is difficult to feel, because the outside temperature is very low.So we remind customers,The cooling water is necessary for the spindle motor normal work conditions, If cooling water is too dirty,it may cause motor serious injury,so we ensure that the cleaning of the cooling water and pumps work properly.

The final step is the cleanup of the laser engraving machine,Many users that used engraving machine engraving machines do not have to clean up so clean,Sometimes appropriate clean-up on it.Because they think the engraving machine will produce a lot of dust in the course,If every day to clean up ,it will be very troublesome,This will be very easy to damage the engraving machine,Reduce the service life,The correct way work is done promptly ,we can clean up the table,This next work is provided for convenience.Clean up the crumbs of the rail and the rail next to the material,In order to prevent the card machine cause the machine in the work process from debris interference.Regular cleaning of the screw and prevent the screw on the stick of a foreign body,Screw is important in the device ,it determines the accuracy of the machine,And screw also play an important role in the transmission process.  laser engraving machine is called laser cnc router