What are the factors which affects the price of engraving ma

http://www.fastcnc.com/index.htmlWhat are the factors which affects the price of engraving machine

First,Clear the nature of the work

Manufacturers make computerized engraving and milling machine divide into a variety of models,It is to deal with a variety of processing tasks.For example, if you will buy a mold engraving machine carved two-color plates Or buy a large engraving machine carved seal,This is to cause huge waste,And it will not get good results.Same you buy advertising engraving machine to Do mold,It probably can not do the job.Before you purchase machine, we must have a full description of work to be done of their own content to the sales staff,Including the size of the workpiece,The material of the material,the weight and the thickness of the material,Eventually carving effect and requirements.key word : laser cnc router

2, select the appropriate models

Manufacturers define the reasons of the different models,Mainly two aspects:

¢ÙSize of the engraving  workpiece,Such models are zy5040,this means carving maximum stroke length is 500mm, width of 400mm, 150mm.So when you choose engraving and milling machine,this Depends on your workpiece,whether it is  in the scope of this processing,If the workpiece is larger than this trip.We should choose the larger models,Of course,you can also segment processing the workpiece,So that the integrity is relatively poor, pick marks, positioning and alignment are more trouble.

¢ÚThe main accessories are not the same,The large models bed affordability (bed to increase emphasis)is good,large Cutting  (spindle, servo motor power),Processing speed (spindle, servo motor power)Processing speed (spindle, servo motor power), the machining accuracy is different compared with  large models,Because Bed increases,it Will lengthen rail, screw,Inevitably it will increase the overall accumulated error of the whole machine.On the contrary,Small models which withstand the force, cutting the amount of processing speed is Poor.but machining accuracy is better,When customers choose,it is to look at the focus of your workpiece.Such as mobile phone access keys, small copper working class is necessary to select a small model.Such as shoe and stampings ,Medium-sized are more appropriate.

3, pre-purchase trial carving
Before you buy laser cnc router ,In order to ensure that your return on investment,Respond to the manufacturer's customer,we should understand,To see what is  processed they can,Machining accuracy, speed,Necessary, you usually do live trial carved.While computing ergonomics and observe the effect,Fully test the performance of the machine,we truly aware of these.

4, signed a contract

After purchasing,First thing to do is to sign a contract with the seller,Contract should marke elements of purchase model, configuration, price, delivery time and delivery methods, training methods, warranty, and payment methods.After the signing of the contract,Usually pay a certain deposit (except stock) should be stipulated in the contract.

5, delivery and training

After the arrival of the laser cnc router,Usuallythe technical staff come to debug,Before in the energize,We should carefully examine Whether the appearance of damage,In the transport,Whether the impact is damaged.If intact,Then control contract,Inventory with random manual machine configuration with random attachments.Machine installation (including hardware installation and removal of fasteners, placement machine with a variety of cables connected to the power software installation, configuration computer, install the optional engraving software) carried out by the technical staff.the installation ends,Factory provide the test drawing machine carving test,As Correctly completing the carving test,Delivery and acceptance is completed.In accordance with the contract, pay the balance.The operator of customer requirements with secondary education£¬And it need skilled computer operating base,it is best to have engraving machine operating experience.Mainly in the training process we should master to select different engraving speed, and use a different tool for a different quantity,In this area it often requires the accumulation of experience,it has a good grasp,it has extended the life of the machine and tool.

6,In the Use Issues that may arise and after-sales service to ensure

(A).Use of the environment

Engraving machine is High-tech electromechanical integration equipment,it has certain requirements of the work environment.

1.Away from strong electric, magnetic and seriously affect the signal transmission equipment engraving machine.Such as: welding machine, towers.

2.Use of three-core power, ensure good grounding engraving machine, minimize interference.

3.Voltage for a stable, to avoid large fluctuations, it is best to use the regulator.

4.The machine is not in the long-time work in the environment of strong acid, alkali.

(B). Care and maintenance

Engraving machine is used for engaging in the processing business,when Processing,It produces much a powder, dusty.in of using,we should keep the cleaning and lubrication of the screw, rail and other parts,Timely cleaning dust and fuel to the transmission components;Operator should timely clean, refuel, non-electric plug.

(C). Software usage problems

Engraving machine has the numerous available carvings software.such as: Wentai carving, Casmate-pro, Caxa, Mastercam, Artcam, Smartcam, Type3, etc.,Please choose the correct operating software to reach your engraving requirements.

(D). Processing problems

1,Process rationality
Machining accuracy in addition to rely on the engraving machine to guarantee,Reasonable processing technology is also very important.In order to ensure the accuracy of processing,Please note that the rationality of the process.

2,tool use

Due to the tool manufacturing process and accuracy of the machining accuracy.Therefore, In the processing,we select adapted machining tool.


Proficiency and responsibility of the operator is also a tremendous impact on the machining accuracy.

4,the wear of the machine

The engraving machine wear and tear is inevitable in the course,With the use of time,Machine wear makes the accuracy of the machines be reduced.
The specific price depends on what kind of configuration,And Whether invoicing,Whether including shipping and training fees,All
affects Quote ,Small laser  engraving machine price at least can be sold for 15000-20000.