Laser Engraving Machine's Cutting Board, Layout And Procedur

Laser Engraving Machine's Cutting Board, Layout And Procedures
1, laser engraving machine cutting material:Material can be cut,these material includes Cardboard (Zhang, leather), model wood, acrylic (not referring plexiglass),The thickness is the arbitrary.
2, laser engraving machine cutting format:Engraving machine working area is divided into 610 * 305mm and 695 * 495mm,(Try to choose the former),Thus the material to be cut format must be smaller than this size (soft material such as paper may be slightly more than some).
3, laser engraving machine cutting layout:we Can use AUTOCAD (the file saved version of the 2004 edition)to CORELDRAW,The steps are as follows:
(a) laser engraving machine cutting draw material borders:Magenta line draw the format of the material to be cut border (the material format must comply with the requirements of the preceding);
(b) Laser engraving machine cutting draw typesetting border:Magenta line draw 5mm distancetypesetting border inside the material borders (bias command draw);
(c) laser engraving machine cutting draw cutting graphics:
Drawing Graphics to be cut in the layout inside the border (pressure in typesetting border online);
The cut line is drawn with white,Without cutting the (zoned traces) line is drawn with red;
Graphics comps in the width direction,Together as far as possible in order to save material savings,Duplicate lines must be deleted,Prevent multiple cuts to cause the error (graphics together after all the white line to blue line, then polysemy white line drawing again to ensure there is no re-line and cut high);
In order to prevent loss of tiny cutting member,You can leave a gap and hand-cut in behind;
In strips cut pieces and use a variety of colors (white, green, yellow) lines to draw,this purpose is to prevent cutting deformation and defects;
 the circle which number and small diameter (¡Ü 10mm)  with a regular octagon or hexagon to draw;
Note: The above size is the size of the actual cutting;Do not draw the "Defpoints" layers to cut graphics,Because this layer system default is non-printing layers;The sub-layer drawing cutting graphics and scratches;If you do not connect arranged,The distance between the graphics may be 2mm to try to save material.
4,Laser engraving machine cutting preparation:Materials is to store and prevent moisture formation,In order to prevent small loss of cutting member,we should be ready paper tape to stick by cutting pieces.
laser engraving machine can also be referred to laser cnc router.