Precautions of Using Woodworking Machinery

Precautions of Using Woodworking Machinery
(A) the occurrence of woodworking machinery accidents mainly due to the following four aspects:
a,Woodworking machinery knife shaft speed is high.Rotational inertia, it is difficult to brake.Stall in order to make it as soon as possible stopped after the motor stops.The operator is often used to hand or stick to brake,Often inadvertently it makes hand contact with the rotation of the tool relative harm.

b,The Woodworking Machinery uses more hand-feeding,This is reasons of lurking injured hand.When the hand pressed wood fed,Due to encountering knots, bending, or other defects,Unconsciously Hand contact with cutting edge to cause injury.
c,High speed woodworking machinery,due to the wood processed is uneven,Cutting process is easy to noise, vibration, labor intensity, fatigue.These factors are easy to make  the operator mistakes and damage.
d,The operator is not familiar with the of Woodworking Machinery performance and safe operation of technical,Or not operating in accordance with safety procedures,Plus Woodworking machinery and equipment not installation of security guards Or safety protective device malfunction,these can easily result in injury accidents.
(B)prevention measures of sssthe woodworking machinery accident are mainly the following five areas:
1.Woodworking machinery equipment shall be provided with an efficient brake device, security guards, and vacuum chip removal device.
2.In the using of Woodworking machinery and equipment,we must ensure that it does not produce harmful vibration when using any tool in any cutting speeds,In order to avoid risk of operation.
3.All exposed belt plate, turntable, shaft, etc.,they should have a protective cover.
4.The knife shaft and electrical  should have interlock,So as not to dismantle and replace tool,Inadvertently touching the power button of the rotation of the tool, causing injury.
5.All conditional,Automatic feeding device shall be installed on all woodworking machinery.