How to compare laser engraving

How to compare laser engraving

Study the equipment's work space. Is it small, medium or large? The work space can speak to the potential quality or lack of quality to be expected. For instance, an engraver with a small work space may not be able to handle a larger project.

Determine the quality of the equipment. Do this by asking the engraver to tell you the make and model of his equipment. If the engraver skimped on buying a good machine to save money, then you'll likely not want to hire him for the job.

Ask the engraver at what speed he'll be engraving your item. Certain machines call for a particular speed. Since you know what machine the engraver uses, you can determine whether the speed is a good match for that machine. Most machines have adjustable speeds.

Ask the engraver to give you the machine's maximum cutting power. This will prove valuable if you have a tough project. There's no sense in bringing your item to them if their machine can't engrave it.

Ask what lens the engraver will be using. According to, a thin material would require the total depth of focus to be less than 0.04 inches.