what are the components needed for a cnc router

The CNC Control Panel
Control of the CNC router machine is usually done with a computer and software. However, it can also be operated manually. The CNC router consists of several control buttons with different functions. The first button is the reset button, which turns on the machine. This action results in movement of cutter coordinates on the X, Y and Z axis to 0, 0, and 0. This movement occurs towards the corner of the machine. The second button is the manual control button which controls the movement of the cutter along horizontal surfaces and the up and down movements. The third button is the stop button whose function is to stop the CNC router machine quickly, especially in emergency situations.

CNC Router Spindles
The CNC router spindles are the parts of the machine that are responsible for cutting materials. There are various types of router spindles and they are all categorized in terms of their power rating. The functioning of the router spindle takes place when the router bits are rotated. The speed varies depending on the type of material that is being cut. These materials can be plastic or even metal.

The Linear Drive Systems
The three axes in the CNC Router have a linear drive system. This system drives the router spindles in the direction of each axis. The CNC Router linear drive systems constitute the motors, a linear bearing system and some lead screw assembly. Power from the motor provides rotational power to the lead screw assembly and the motor also links the mechanics and the electronics systems of the CNC router. The linear drive systems have two types of motors: the stepper motors and the servo motors. Stepper motors offer good performance and are very reliable; however they do not offer a closed-loop system. Servo motors offer a closed-loop system. Each motor has its own controller system.