The basic factors affecting the layout of the CNC engraving

The basic factors affecting the layout of the CNC engraving machine
When Conducting CNC engraving machine design
Meet the overall layout of the basic requirements of the mountain,we should also consider the basic factors affecting the layout of the engraving machine,The following main points:
First, Surface Form impacts of the formation of movement.The different shapes of the machined surface tend to use different tools to process,Thus
Surface forms  different the form and number of sports.
And result in differences in CNC engraving machine layout.The same shape of the machined surface,Due to the different parts of the technical requirements and productivity requirements,it can also use different tools, different surface to form the movement to a few,Thus different CNC router  layout is formed.Thus, Workpiece surface to form the movement to directly determine the layout of the form of CNC engraving machine,it is the decisive factor affecting the layout of the engraving machine.
Second, Engraving machine movement assigned.Workpiece surface to form the same methods and exercise,The distribution of the movement of CNC engraving machine, CNC engraving machine layout will be different.For the layout of the allocation of the same kind of movement,Because the layout of the rails and other structural forms are will also allow changes the layout of the engraving machine.In the allocation of the engraving machine movement in general should note the following:(1) the weight of the moving parts should be light.(2) it should be conducive to improve the precision.(3)it Should be conducive to improving the stiffness of the engraving machine, narrow area.(4) the size weight and shape of the workpiece.
In addition,it Should also consider engraving machine performance requirements,Such as vibration, noise, thermal deformation, stiffness and vibration resistance, manipulation convenient.