simple wood router projects

simple wood router projects
Using your wood  router projects for decoration is a cheap and easy way to decorate your house your own way. You can router picture frames of any size and, depending on the detail of the router, can be plain to fancy. If your family has a crest or a symbol, you can easily router a wood display piece to place your crest or symbol onto it. A rocking horse is also a great project for a wood router.

Using a wood router on any furniture piece adds a "store-bought look." It makes each piece look more valuable, and is quite simple. Using the router on a table is a great way to round off edges and add decoration. Making a chair can sometimes require you to router the seat and back edges to make it more comfortable. A lamp stand is another quick project using a router.

Outdoor Projects
Having a router to finish your outdoor wood projects adds a great deal of appeal from neighbors. Outdoor fencing or garden fencing can be finished with a router to make your small garden or play area more enjoyable. A grill table made out of wood, which holds all your grilling utensils, can have router-finished edges to make it much more appealing to the eye. A bird house is another great idea to use your router on, as finishing it with a router makes it look like you bought it in a store.