How to solve the engraving machine boot by their own

How to solve the engraving machine boot by their own
Recently consumers encountered such a strange question. As long as the an open the the woodworking
engraving machine
control software, the machine will their own ran.Machine moving speed is relatively slow and
uniform move.we ask in detail about the customers, the original re-do the system in the client computer system is
broken.The control software is reinstalled.
Under normal circumstances, the computer system which is broken is a software problem, it generally will not
damage control card.Open the computer chassis cover,Opened the control card.Normal light.if you careful
examination of the data line, the connection is solid.So the control software has been destroyed likely.
So we  passed a the software which is installed to the customer  , Placement after the machine it is back to
normal.Appears to be Install the software computer system originally stored in the client computer inside
has also been destroyed.Recommends that customers copy a few times engraving machine control software
 ,Stored in different hard drive inside.This will prevent the software  destroying.