Repair and maintenance of laser engraving machine

Repair and maintenance of laser engraving machine
First, the linear guide rail fillis oil:
Laser engraving machine used for a period of time, carving and cutting can produces smoke and dust. smoke and  dust  corrosive effect of the rail, so we regular maintenance guide.
turn off  laser engraving machine  the power,With a clean soft cloth to clean the rails,And then drops  oil on the rail, finished oil to slide on the rail rolling back and forth to ensure that the lubricant to the slider internal.Finished oil to slide the rail back and forth ,Then shall the first rail mounted,Note that we don't   fix mounting the first rails  to make fixed nail all installed, and maintain the level .Belt and slider fixed, then the lens installed, dimming the whereabouts of X path is completed.
Second, the mirror focusing mirror wipe:
Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine are used for some time.Smoke dust will adhere to the surface of the lens, the impact of carving, cutting depth will also affect the engraving, cutting precision.Usually in about a week(Depending on the laser cutting machine | engraving machine, frequency of use)With absolute alcohol three mirrors, a focusing mirror carefully wipe clean.
Third, the bearing oil:
Laser cutting machine to use a lot of bearing,In order to ensure good cutting, carving effect,Part of the bearings require regular refueling (except oil bearing),On the bearing surface dust wipe with a clean soft cloth.The oilsuction needle with a needle,Then slowly injected with a needle bearing, can oiling slowly rotating bearings.
Belt (belt) elastic adjustment:
Certain timing belt drive system in the laser cutting machine,If the timing belt is too loose, there will be engraving fonts ghosting,If the timing belt is too tight will cause the timing belt wear.In use for some time,Please adjust the belt tensioning screw, timing belt adjustment to the elastic appropriate,Engraving text  is not ghosting
And laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, low noise operation is appropriate, or consult factory technical personnel.
Maintenance of the laser tube:
Laser engraving machine's laser tube is the use of recycled water cooling,Long-term use later ,
 there will be some white scale exist on tube,We can add a small amount of vinegar in the circulating water,we must get rid of the tube ditch  ,Then clean water washed away the laser tube inner loop,So that the laser tube in top working condition, and life will be extended.
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