Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine in the commun

Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine in the community have played a lot of use
Laser cutting machine  has reduce the machining process and make production more efficient, it makes delivery
times  fast;Reducing  operators and related facilities (such as working platforms, special fixtures, punching
machine, etc.),it reduces labor costs and product costs; it reduces human operations caused by defective
products, the yield is greatly improved.the morn laser equipment used in the die-cutting industry, high-precision
laser cutting machine has won the praise of the major users.
The software used in thelaser cutting machine is usually called the "nesting software",Nesting software are
generally automatic software,Production can expect from the design sets a button to complete, a significant
reduction in labor costs.Nesting software is to enhance the utilization of materials (goods), to reduce costs for
the purpose, without manual typesetting.
Nesting software is divided into several parts:Drawing module, programming modules, nesting module,
calibration module, NC output module.Processes is the first to use CAD software draw good you want to cut the
laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine in the community have played a great use to cut the parts
diagram.Save the format can be read into the software used for laser cutting machine and edit,Such as DXF
format.Nesting software, nesting, and then converted into NC code corresponding to the laser cutting machine
manufacturers, you can program into the laser cutting equipment to cut through.
In recent years,As laser technology continues to evolve,Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine in the
community have played a lot of purposes,Crafts laser processing is increasingly also favored by our customers
and manufacturers.Crafts laser processing, that is, by means of laser processing, raw materials or semi-
manufactured products made ​​of highly certain value.The art comes from life, but to create higher than the value
of life.
The necessary protective equipment of  laser cutting machine
¡¡¡¡because it  prevents laser injurying on the human eye and protects glasses,For typical laser cutting machine
protective equipment is laser marking laser protective glasses.According to their protection principles can be
divided into the reflection, absorption, diffraction, and composite of several,Of course, will be in accordance with
the laser radiation wavelength of the laser cutting machine to filter protection, to achieve the maintenance of the
laser cutting machine laser on the human body,This is also protective equipment more safe and convenient for
laser cutting machines on the market.
In the laser cutting machine for cutting high precision thickness larger parts,Must grasp and solve several key
technologies.The focus position control technology is one of them.One of the advantages of laser cutting is
Beam of high energy density,So focus spot diameter is as small as possible.In order to produce a narrow
kerf.Because the focus lens depth of focus is smaller, the smaller the focus spot diameter,High-quality cutting,
the effective depth of focus and the lens diameter and the material being cut.Therefore control of focus relative
to the location of the cut surface is very important.