how to select the most suitable for their own woodworking en

how to select the most suitable for their own woodworking engraving machine


How to buy wood engraving machine and precautions:
a,A bed and gantry.Bed mainly is steel,Gantry divided into two kinds of structure of cast aluminum and square steel.Bed and gantry structure and size directly determines the weight of the machine.To a certain extent , weight the heavier is better£¬Because the heavy weight on behalf of the good stability,Directly affect the machining accuracy.We will recommend the right equipment for you according to your processing the material hardness.
b,Spindle and power.Spindle from the work in terms of sub-Water cooling and wind cooling two.The life of air-cooled longer than water-cooled, but the cost is higher.Water-cooled spindle are made, but the air-cooled spindle domestic technology is not very mature.Foreign brands:Italian HSD, the GC (Columbus), TEKNOMOTOZ (Gree), the brand is more mature, better brand reputation.Spindle power is large for mass production and heavy cutting.
c,Adsorption unit.Mass production than the T-slot table (platen pressure) to improve efficiency, save the clamping time.Some other material when using the platen clamping will leave the indentation.The adsorption unit can not worry about this trouble.
d,The cleaning device.Processed wood materials, the dust is particularly serious, dirty words on the machine tool service life or operating personnel are not beneficial.Recommended.
e,Control mode.Divided into DSP handle control and connected to a computer,Handle control operation is more convenient in work,However, compared to online style than the disadvantage of short life,Equipment moving coordinate display processing path, the computer can display the simulation processing track and moving coordinate.
f,Transmission.Woodworking machines for multi-rack linear guide transmission.Rack to ensure the speed (empty process, and processing speed), the linear guide rail (side rail) line to ensure the accuracy of processing.Transmission is particularly important position in the whole machine, to some extent determines the performance of the machine.
g,Care and maintenance.Divide into automatic lubrication system (software control) and semi-automatic lubrication system (manual control).