Laser engraving machine Expert Analysis of underwater weldin

Laser engraving machine Expert Analysis of underwater welding technology trends
 laser engraving machine technical experts specializing in the production plant  analysis underwater welding technology trends.
(1) each welding method of the local dry (wet, dry) has its own strengths and adapt to the occasion,therefore, the coexistence of a variety of underwater welding method will be a long time.
(2)study of monitoring the welding process based on advanced technology has been some progress
,  mainly it is reflected in the underwater dry and local dry welding automation and intelligent.Such as remote sensing and control technology has made ??a preliminary application in underwater welding.Use Remote telemetry technology,it can achieve the detection of underwater installation of the welding process,Currently underwater pipeline installation and maintenance is in progress,The recent South China University of Liao days, VC + + programming serial communications (SPC),it is used for remote control of underwater welding welding of weld seam tracking and welding process.Automated orbital welding systems and underwater welding robot system can automatically monitor the welding process, welding quality, save time, but also reduce the intensity of the work of the divers.Underwater welding robot system has many problems, its flexibility, size, operating environment, detection and monitoring technology, and reliability is yet to further develop and improve, this is the direction of our efforts.
(3) the quality of wet underwater welding is mainly affected by the factors and constraints in underwater welding rod, underwater flux cored wire,Britain and the United States has developed a variety of high quality underwater welding rod,We also developed a high-quality underwater welding rod should be accelerated, underwater flux cored wire,Usually wet welding depth of less than 100m, the current direction of efforts to achieve a breakthrough in 200m water depth of wet welding technology. 
(4) the emergence and development of simulation technology, welding production towards the TIG welding, the melting rate with the pressure increases, the low hydrogen adsorption rate can be fully automated welding, using the power of the magnetic field and the corresponding effective control of the arccharacteristics,First it is used in the development of underwater high-voltage track welding system.Track high-pressure TIG welding is a mature, popular submarine pipeline welding technology.Underwater hyperbaric orbital TIG welding system the Aberdeen Subsea Offshore Ltd OTTO system, the Comex division of the company of the THOR-1 system, and Norsk Hydro and SNITEF IMT system.