How to carry out maintenance Stone engraving machine with ri

How to carry out maintenance Stone engraving machine with right method
Stone engraving machine
How to make the things they like to remain forever young, always exudes the vitality of life, it is and how
effective collection and maintenance crafts have a great relationship.Below I talk about some of their own
shallow experience of maintenance of the stone crafts.
first,Stone carving handicrafts for too long on the exposure to the sun and cracking.
Stone carving handicrafts like human beings, exposure, easy to "heat stroke". So placed, it should be conscious
of attention, especially not placed in the window.
Second, stone crafts should not be placed in very wet or very dry room.
In the very damp environment, part of the stone carving handicrafts  will  have  moss .
For example green wingceltis handicraft can spit out the silvery white silk .Although it's a beautiful scenery,  in
my opinion, a lot of people don't like.
Too dry environment, stone carving handicraft some may appear part of the cracking phenomena .
And everybody life of the level is higher than ever.
The simplest is reflected in the north of life have central heating in winter, summer can blow air conditioning.
So take care of stone carving handicraft not to an air conditioning tuyere straight blow. Also don't put him on the
heating pipe nearly.
Three, stone carving handicraft should not be placed in the fire wall, fire resistance, fire, the nearby.
Four, should not use the towel with water, appropriate use of wax qualitative or greasy and pure cotton towel is
According to common indoor clean or not, Often we  dust stone carving handicraft dust with dry cloth or feather
dusters.In order to show the beauty of nature, If the stone carving handicraft found the luster of the bad,
Can use brush to polish coating on the surface of the stone carving handicraft, By rag wipe polishing can.
Of course also can use pure cotton towel wipe gently walnutmeat dip in some oil in the stone carving handicraft
surface can also achieve the ideal effect. But should not use the towel with water.This will make stone carving
handicraft be too wet, but can not reach the expected effect, but also hurt them.