Mini engraving tools

 Mini CNC Engraving Machine

A computer numerical controlled, or CNC, machine is an automated tool for fabricating an object such as a mold or an industrial part in an assembly line. The machine works through instructions from a design made in a computer-aided design, or CAD, software tool. A CNC engraving machine for precision engraving works on the same principle, but just on a much smaller scale. These tools are used for applications such as circuit board printing, firearm engraving, gun serialization, three-dimensional engraving, aluminum machining and the production of electronics. Common materials used for this type of engraving include plastics, graphite, ceramics or almost any nonferrous material.

Laser Engravers
This tool consists of an air-cooled compact unit with a powerful diode laser to make engravings. The engravings can be done at a very high resolution level (as small as 25 microns). Laser engravers can be used for a wide range of applications, such as bar-coding, logos, military identification codes and two-dimensional data matrices. The machine is employed by numerous industries, including medical, aerospace, automotive, jewelry and electronics. The device can perform high-precision engravings on almost any material including steel, titanium, silicon, leather and diamond-impregnated cutting tools,

Electric Engraver Pens
For more hands-on work, an engraver pen may be suitable. A diamond-tipped engraving pen may be used for easily engraved surfaces like sterling silver or pewter. For harder surfaces, an electric engraving pen is available. Like a miniature pneumatic hammer, the stylus goes up and down at a rapid rate against the surface to be engraved. The lightweight tool has a cushioned-grip and can be handled just like an ordinary pen drawing on a surface. For arts and crafts (as opposed high-tech or heavy industry), a pen is probably the most appropriate solution for your engraving needs.